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You should get more from the great outdoors. It seems we never get enough time out in nature, so when we're actually there we should get the most out of it. That means minimizing camping chores. The less you have to deal with gear, the better your experience is. 

Great gear should disappear from your mind and allow you to get back to nature. After all that is why you're out there in the first place.

This is especially true with sleeping bags because while you're inside the bag, you have to pull the zipper in towards the shell’s lightweight material. Snags are inevitable.

It’s 2016. Zippers have had a good go, but it’s about time to expect something better.

Just like Bruce Wayne
Just like Bruce Wayne

Never deal with a zipper snag again. Our patent pending design uses high strength, precisely aligned magnets to replace cumbersome zippers. 

Super strong rare earth magnets are sewn right in. Eliminating the need for redundant draft tubes and ineffective anti-snag material. Magnets provide a simple, consistent, and effective closure system.

Our magnets fit into the Goldilocks range: they’re strong enough to keep you tucked in throughout the night, but can conveniently open to take care of those annoying late night bathroom trips. 

Getting all snuggled up below freezing is easier than ever.

Comfortable Temperature Range boils down to a sleeping bag’s ability to keep you comfortable in the widest range of weather conditions. Think of a 0°F bag an hour after sunup on a summer trip. It gets hot mighty fast. If you wake up because you’re hot and sweaty, that puts you outside that system’s CTR. Or if you’re trying to sleep near a bags extreme limit; you might not die (which is good), but you’re not going to be happy about it (which is bad).

In a zippered bags it's hard to go from full mummy to anything else. Even if the zipper operates perfectly, the bag is either opened or closed. It's just not super easy to regulate your body temperature.  

A camping quilt just can't keep up with a sleeping bag's ability to withstand extreme low temperatures; mainly because you need to be fully protected from drafts with multiple safety barriers. 

compared to bags and quilts with similar specs
compared to bags and quilts with similar specs

With our bags amazing venting system, you can use the bag comfortably in the widest of temperature ranges. Whether it is 15°F or 65°F, our unique system adjusts easily to fit your personal comfort level. 

Sleeping bags are simple. They pretty much just wrap you up and trap your own body heat. The nozipp bag eliminates the hassle and keeps you warm and cozy throughout the night.  

Getting in and out is a snap! The patent pending system provides a quicker and more reliable opening and closure method.

By adding multiple rows of magnets we've created the first sleeping bag that can change its size. When it's cold you can bundle up like any normal mummy bag. But when the temperature rises, our bag enhances comfort by giving you more space inside to move around.

We use a large gusset, which basically allows the two front flaps to fold over on each other. The gusset reinforces the fabric, and allows the magnets to align interchangeably. 

When the two front flaps overlap in 'mummy mode' it creates oversized baffle which keep drafts out and warmth locked in. With the giant baffle we’re able to use fewer magnets. That saves you weight and eliminates extraneous draft tubes.

We use only the highest quality starting materials. 

The nozipp bag uses a high performance ripstop nylon for the inner and outer shell. Then we overstuff it with an extremely lofty 850+ fill down that’s been engineered to retain heat even when wet. And lastly, we keep you locked in with the sexiest closure system on the market.

  • comfort rating: 15°F / -10°C
  • fill power: 850+ water resistant duck down
  • fill weight: 20 oz / 567 g
  • total weight: 2lbs 6 oz / 1.085 kg
  • length: 6'0" / 1.83 m
  • packed size: 7” x 14” / 11L
  • shoulder inner diameter - mummy mode: 60” / 152 cm
  • shoulder inner diameter - roomy mode: 78" /198 cm
  • waist inner diameter: 54” / 137 cm
  • foot inner diameter: 40” / 102 cm
  • outer shell: 40 Denier 1.6oz Ripstop Nylon
  • inner shell: 20 Denier 1.0oz Ripstop Nylon


  • fill weight: 21.2 oz / 601 g 
  • total weight: 2lbs 9 oz / 1.170 kg 
  • length: 6'6" / 1.98 m


The nozipp sleeping bag has been thoroughly tested by the experts at Kansas State University. They verified our independent testing, and we're ecstatic to know that the nozipp bag performs well at extremely low temperatures. 

We're more than happy to share the results of our laboratory testing. You can download the report here

As hikers ourselves, we know how it feels to carry everything on your back. Keeping the weight in check is a challenge all manufacturers run into. There’s no getting around it: magnets are heavier than zippers. But not by as much as you might think. We are able to keep the weight down because we've gotten rid of zippers, draft tubes, and anti-snag material. At 2 pounds 6 ounces, you’ll find our warmth to weight ratio remains competitive to other elite bags.