frequently asked questions

Do you ship internationally?
  • Yes! We offer affordable international shipping. However, taxes and duties may need to be collected by your country's import customs. 
Where are the sleeping bags made?
  • NoZipp Sleeping Bags are handcrafted in Baoding, China. We have personally inspected our factory to ensure our extremely high quality control standards are met.
Isn't duck down of lesser quality than goose?
  • When weight and fill power are equal, there is no difference in warmth and quality between duck and goose down. We're proud to use exclusively the highest fill power duck down. We refuse to conform to an industry standard that's based solely on an unscientific preference.
Is your down ethically sourced?
  • Yes. Our down will never come from live-plucking or force-fed sources.
Has the bag been EN Tested?
  • Of course! We're comfort rated to a lower limit of 15°F. You can view the full report here.
Are there color options?
  • Beautiful Blue and Glorious Grey are our base colors for the moment. 
What about washing the sleeping bag?
  • The sleeping bags should be hand washed only. We recommend washing in a tub full of warm soapy water.
Do the magnets damage electronics?
  • Smartphones will likely not be negatively affected by our magnets. However, we don't recommend you give your phone the ultimate magnetic rubdown. The magnets can magnetize your phone's compass sensor with extended close range use. (Close range is less than 1 inch away.) Under normal use, like playing Angry Birds before bedtime, your smart phone will be fine. As a precaution, we do recommend that you place your electronics away from you while you sleep.
Do the magnets affect implanted medical devices?
  • They certainly can. If you have an implanted device, like a pacemaker, the magnets will likely come within close range and could have a negative effect. We suggest you play it safe, and go with a sleeping bag or camping quilt from another manufacturer.