western mongolia - trip report

The trip that launched a brand. 

Heavily influenced by Dan Carlin's fantastic Hardcore History mini-series on the Mongol wars of the 1200's. Andrew Bui and I decided to head to Mongolia for a few weeks of adventure. We were not only inspired by a rich history, but also interested in an outdoorsy culture that is truly foreign. 

This video documents our week around Western Mongolia. We flew into Ulgii from Ulan-Baator and met up with our awesome guides. We visited thousands of years old petroglyphs, drank vodka with a world champion eagle hunter, and watched wrestling, horse riding, and archery at Mongolia's biggest festival of the year: Nadaam. 

It all culminated in Tavan Bogd National Park. The park is nestled into the Mongolian borders with Russia and China. The five nearby mountain peaks are called the "five saints" and all surround a beautiful glacier.  We made an ascent up Machin Peak, and at an elevation of 13,287 ft (4,050 m) it is one of the highest points in Mongolia. 

When I returned to camp I was sun burned, dehydrated, exhausted, and was still woozy from the elevation. I finally made my way into my sleeping bag for much needed sleep. Embarrassingly, I fumbled with the zipper for longer than I care to admit. I figured there should be an easier way to bundle down for the night. It was then and there I identified the problem that eventually launched the NoZipp brand. 

The hike up and back was extremely challenging, but ultimately incredibly rewarding. Please enjoy our trip condensed to three minutes of fun. 

Feel free to reach out to sleepingbags@nozipp with any questions or comments. Cheers!