an extreme float down the truckee river

There's no better way to spend a lazy day outdoors than to pack a lunch and float down a river. We headed down the Truckee River out of Lake Tahoe and had an absolute blast. 


The Truckee River flows from Tahoe City, California through Truckee and Reno to empty in Pyramid Lake. The majority of river folk begin in Tahoe City and float for about five miles down river. The trip can take anywhere from a couple hours to five, depending on how often you pull over for snacks and beer. 

You'll want to launch from the Tahoe City Transit Center. 


It's easiest to order a $25 tube and $15 hand pump from Amazon and bring along ahead of time. Or they've got it all in Tahoe City, but it's somewhat overpriced. (Also, our sleeping bags available with wicked fast Prime shipping over at Amazon as well.) Then grab a bunch of friends, sandwiches, and drinks and set out down the river.

Bonus tip! Use an actual cooler if you've got one. The one built into the inner tube is great for storage, but it'll melt your ice and warm up your drinks faster than you can get through them.

The river meanders alongside the 89 or River Road. You'll want to keep an eye out for the huge River Ranch Lodge. That's your exit point. 


It's pretty recognizable from the water, and everyone else will most likely be getting out at the same location too. There's plenty of parking at both the launch and exit points, so enjoy the journey. It's an absolutely gorgeous way to spend an afternoon. Cheers!