ice house canyon - trip report

Around this time last year, we decided on an overnight hike up Ice House Canyon Trail. We spent the night at Kelly Camp and headed up the Big Horn Peak Trail between the Ontario and Big Horn Peaks the following morning. 

The trail conditions were good, but icy. Micro-spikes were all but required to keep from slipping up and down the trail. The weather was mild and cool during the day. Getting colder as we rose in elevation and as the sun began to set.

At night we sat around our cook stoves drinking boxed wine, chatting and messing around with our infrared (laser) thermometer.  Eventually, we settled into a game of cards with ill-remembered and ill-explained rules. 

Near bedtime, the temperature hovered at about 20°F. My NoZipp Sleeping Bag performed admirably. At the time I was only at the third prototype, but it kept me warm enough throughout the night. I'm glad we have since beefed up our draft barriers. 

In the morning, we went left our packs at camp and headed up to see the gorgeous view of the Inland Empire. After which, we made the decent back down to the trail head, and got cheeseburgers back in town. 


Our friends over at the Modern Hiker have a great write up about a similar hike. So if you want a few more details check out their awesome overview

Stay safe out there this winter, but be sure to enjoy the trails. Cheers!