Following the lead of big brands like Patagonia and Arc'teryx, NoZipp is withdrawing from the Outdoor Retailer, and will be actively featuring public lands in a new YouTube series.

Conservation of our public lands is a growing issue in the current political climate. NoZipp has decided to vocally support the conservation of our public lands. As a smaller / niche brand, Outdoor Retailer is a critical event in helping our company expand and grow. By participating in the event, we are inadvertently opposing the beliefs of our customers, NoZipp's company culture, and the Outdoor Industry as whole. As a company, it is more important to secure the future of the outdoors than to reap the short term rewards against our values. 

As conservation issues appear more often, it is important to highlight why public lands should be protected. Remember, not everyone shares the same conviction for nature as the Outdoor Industry does. That's why NoZipp is launching a new YouTube series. Public Lands are yours and mine. We need to protect them, and inspire others to go outside and see for themselves why conservation is a generally good idea. 

The new series, Fabulous National Parks, will highlight one National Park per month. It will take a fresh and entertaining look at visiting some of the world's most amazing locations. 

Please take a second to watch the trailer, and we'll be back featuring our first National Park on February 15th. 

Thank you,

Taylor Henderson
NoZipp, LLC