a better sleeping bag

effortless entry

effortless entry

Never deal with a zipper snag again. We've replaced zippers with high strength, precisely aligned magnets. The patent pending system provides a quicker and more reliable opening and closure method.

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innovative temperature control

innovative temperature control

On warmer nights it's easy to overheat. With our bags ability to dump heat, you can use the bag comfortably in the widest temperature ranges. Whether it's 15°F or 65°F, our unique system adjusts easily to fit your personal climate.

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  • magnet close up
  • mummy mode
  • roomy mode
  • opne mode


  • a better closure system

    we've replaced cumbersome zippers with sweet, sexy magnets

  • world-class venting

    our elite venting system offers a quick and easy way to dump excess heat

  • effortless entry and exit

    we provide much needed consistency and convenience to the bundling down process

  • expandable shape

    our unique design provides more room to stretch out and roll around when it's warmer

Buy the nozipp sleeping bag 15°F

$ 399.00


Has the bag been EN Tested?

Of course! We're comfort rated to a lower limit of 15°F. You can view the full report here.

Is your down ethically sourced?

Yes. Our down will never come from live-plucking or force-fed sources.

Are there color options?

Beautiful Blue and Glorious Grey are our base colors for the moment. We are looking into exploring more color options.

Isn't duck down of lesser quality than goose?

When weight and fill power are equal, there is no difference in warmth and quality between duck and goose down. We're proud to use exclusively the highest fill power duck down. We refuse to conform to an industry standard that's based solely on an unscientific preference.

What about washing the sleeping bag?

The sleeping bags should be hand washed only. We recommend washing in a tub full of warm soapy water.

Do the magnets damage electronics?

Smartphones will likely not be negatively affected by our magnets. However, we don't recommend you give your phone the ultimate magnetic rubdown. The magnets can magnetize your phone's compass sensor with extended close range use. (Close range is less than 1 inch away.) Under normal use, like playing Angry Birds before bedtime, your smart will be fine. As a precaution, we do recommend that you place your electronics away from you while you sleep.