a better sleeping bag

expandable shoulder pocket

expandable shoulder pocket

When you're not sleeping at extreme temperatures, the unique expandable shape provides you more space to stretch out and sleep comfortably throughout the night.

what is roomy mode?
innovative temperature control

innovative temperature control

On warmer nights it's easy to overheat. With a simple tug, you can dump heat effortlessly. Now you can use one system to sleep comfortably in the widest temperature ranges. Whether it's 0°F or 60°F, you can easily hit your ideal personal climate.

three or four seasons?
  • Italy Overlook
  • Southern France
  • River Pondering
  • Castle Close Up


  • a better closure system

    we've replaced cumbersome zippers with sweet, sexy magnets

  • world-class venting

    our elite venting system offers a quick and easy way to dump excess heat

  • effortless entry and exit

    we provide much needed consistency and convenience to the bundling down process

  • expandable shape

    our unique design provides more room to stretch out and roll around when it's warmer


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